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  Olympic Board Members

  Title Name Mobile Email
  Club President Stavros Parissos 0412 454 770
  Club Vice President Archie Christakos
  Club Secretary Dorothea Tsatsos
  Club Treasurer Helen Dimas
  Sponsorship and Marketing Manager TBA
  Senior Sports Assistant Aggie Simeone
  Catering Manager Peter Frantzeskakis
  Board Member Peter Andonopoulos
  Board Member Tony Harkotsikas


  Social Media TBA

  Senior Coaching Staff

  Title Name Mobile Email
  Technical Director Alby Kidd
  Football Director Michael Malandris
  1st Team Coaches: George Tsonis
  Assistant Coach: Shane Porter
  Senior Team Manager Michael Malandris
  Reserves Team Coach Carl Robinson
  Assistant Coach Shane Porter
  Reserves Team Manager TBA
  Under 18 Team Coach Carl Robinson
  Assistant Coach TBA
  Under 18 Team Manager Michelle Tsimopoulos

  Junior Football

  Title Name Mobile Email
  Junior Sports Director Michael Malandris 0417 861 071
  Junior Secretary Michael Malandris
  Junior Coaching Director Gareth Thomas
Details Postal Address Adelaide Olympic Football Club Incorporated
PO Box 20,
Welland 5007
South Australia
Senior Club Address Elite Systems
Football Centre
2-46 Cowan Street, Angle Park, SA 5010
Junior Club Address Ferryden Park Reserve
1 Perth Street, Ferryden Park, SA 5010
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Juniors Enquiries/Feedback:

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